Stirrings Bar Ingredients - Authentic Grenadine - Case Of 6 - 12 Fl Oz.


$ 31.49 

Way back when, grenadine was made from freshly crushed pomegranate seeds. In fact, the name is derived from the Spanish word granada, which means pomegranate. But over the years this bold concoction has devolved into a cloying, artificial taste reminiscent of the syrup used to pack maraschino cherries. Naturally, our version is the exception. Our Authentic Grenadine uses only pomegranate and pure cane sugar no high fructose corn syrup, thank you very much to produce the originally intended result: a pleasantly sweet pomegranate flavor as bold and potent as its distinctive red color. Grenadine syrup bears the name of the Grenadines, a string of 32 islands in the Eastern Caribbean, just north of Grenada.
Country of origin : USA
Dairy Free : Yes
Size : 12 FZ
Pack of : 6

Product Selling Unit : case

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