EPOZINE-O2 NT, 180 Tabs


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• May promote nitric oxide and vasodilation*
• Supports mental focus*
• Supports endurance*
• Helps with acid-base balance*
• Promotes ATP production, muscle performance and phosphocreatine recovery*
• Supports nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide*
• Promotes erythropoietin already within the normal range*
• Supports VO2 Max and running economy*
• Supports red blood cell levels already within the normal range*
• Supports muscle and liver glycogen*
• Regulates muscular inflammation from exercise*
• Promotes liver health*
• Regulates fatigue*
• Promotes intestinal health*
• Supports the immune and cardiovascular system*
• Promotes 2,3-DPG already within the normal range*
• Regulates cortisol already within the normal range*
• Promotes cardiovascular function, oxygen availability, endurance, work capacity and time to exhaustion*
• Promotes strength, recovery and muscle mass*
• Promotes protein synthesis*
• Helps maintain blood glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels already within the normal range*
• Supports phosphocreatine levels, thus promoting ATP levels*

EPOZINE-O2™NT is BSN®'s revolutionary anabolic plasma volumizer. Designed to support superior physical performance & endurance, blood-volumizing plasma expansion, and lean muscle mass, EPOZINE-O2™NT is an athlete's answer to myocellular (muscle) growth and expansion.*

These myocellular increases are mediated by enhancing maximal oxygen uptake capacity, delivery and consumption and supporting erythropoietin production and red blood cell count already within normal range*. EPOZINE-O2™NT is the next-generation key to unlocking your muscular evolution.

UPC: 8-34266-00550-5

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