Better Sex Guide to Extraordinary Love Book

Sinclair Institute

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The journey to amazing sex is one of the most exciting rides you and your parner can take. Leading sex educator and creator of the phenomenally successful Better Sex Video Series®, Sinclair Institute™, gives you the definitive manual on sexual intimacy and satisfaction. Based on the latest research and authored by Sinclair Institute's™ Advisory Council member Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., this quintessential hotter-sex guide covers every aspect of sexual activity from basic to advanced. You'll learn how to build sexual tension and desire, achieve more satisfying orgasms, and please yourself and your partner. The Better Sex® Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking contains practical and candid advice for couples who want to enhance their sex lives. Whatever your age, whatever your lifestyle, wherever you are on your sexual journey, you'll find detailed advice, explicit techniques, and exciting positions that will make sex more thrilling and fulfilling.

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