Advanced Oral Techniques & Great Sex 7 Days a Week

Sinclair Institute

$ 30.76 $ 39.95

2 great films, 60 minutes on one DVD.

DVD - Advanced Oral Ecstasy: This erotic journey into sexual adventure highlights special techniques for pleasing and stimulating your partner orally. It covers all the bases and offers up a variety of inspiration in the form of oral toy play and graphic demonstration. There are no mysteries here, folks, because the demos are wet, hot, descriptive and close up. It even shows you how a woman can warm her tongue to give the most invigorating fellatio on the planet and how she can perform deep throat comfortably. The tips on erotic tongue techniques and positioning will have female partners gripping the bedposts in ecstasy. Included also is a special section on experimentation to take your lovemaking from hot to bombs-bursting-in-air sizzle.

DVD – Great Sex 7 Days a Week: This video shows you how sexual variety and new positions can increase your lovemaking pleasure. Great Sex 7 Days A Week demonstrates the power of sexual imagination. This erotic video journal shows you how to heighten the pleasures of intimacy. Learn how to stimulate multiple orgasms, use different positions to increase satisfaction, practice Tantric sex for more stamina, and incorporate role-playing into your erotic interludes.


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