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Healthy Aging
• Cellular Rejuvenation Support
• Brain Support
• Vision Support
• Muscle Cell Support

L-Carnosine: The Supplement to Stop Aging in Its Tracks

In the last few years, anti-aging researchers have focused on the role of telomeres in cellular aging. Telomeres are the chromosome caps at the end of our DNA that protect it from fraying and wearing away. Every time our cells divide we lose a little more of our telomeres until finally cell death is reached.

The goal of researchers is to find a way to lengthen our telomeres to slow down cell death and extend the healthy life span. This is where L-carnosine, a dipeptide compound formed from the amino acids beta-alanine and histidine comes into play.

Studies have found that L-carnosine not only prevents telomere damage, it decreases the rate at which telomeres shorten during cell division.

But that's not all. The anti-aging benefits of L-carnosine can be seen in the mirror as well. Most of the human body, including our skin is composed of protein which becomes damaged from natural metabolic oxidation and long-term ingestion of chemical and environmental toxins.

Studies have shown that L-carnosine protects against these assaults and even rejuvenates connective tissue to speed up would healing and reduce wrinkling and sagging of the skin. This is why TV's Dr. Oz calls L-carnosine a miracle supplement. It rejuvenates your skin, muscles, brain and eyes so that you look and feel younger.

In fact, amazing results were seen in human trials when L-carnosine eye drops were used on people 60 years and over who had cataracts of varying degrees severity. At the end of the trials, 100% of participants showed a marked improvement in cataract reduction and lens clarity with no negative side effects.

In animal studies, L-carnosine was shown to significantly improve most measures of appearance, physiological health, and behavior. The supplement was also found to improve brain biochemistry and protect against diminished energy metabolism, a characteristic of Alzheimer's.

While protein-rich foods like meat, eggs and cheese are the best dietary sources of L-carnosine, most people do not eat enough of them to derive the anti-aging benefits they desire. That's why a daily 1000-mg L-carnosine supplement is highly recommended in any anti-aging program.

Pediatric psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Chez has a different reason for prescribing L-carnosine to his young patients with autism. According to Dr. Chez, L-carnosine improves behavior and communication by 16% and social interaction by an impressive 27% in as little as 4 weeks. These statistics are based on the results of his own clinical study.

Dr. Chez has treated over 1000 children with autism and has seen a 90% success rate using L-carnosine at doses of about 400 mg daily.


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