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"Fat Burner in a Bottle"

Are you struggling to shed those stubborn unwanted pounds that just don't seem to budge with diet and exercise alone? Then you need to know about Raspberry Ketone, the amazing weight loss supplement known as "fat burner in a bottle."

Raspberry Ketone is a natural plant compound that gives the luscious berries its fruity aroma. But here's why weight loss experts are so intrigued. Raspberry Ketone has been shown to provide protection against obesity by improving fat metabolism.

When mice were fed a high-fat diet for 6 weeks along with Raspberry Ketone, researchers noted that the compound prevented elevations in body weight and even decreased the weight of fatty tissue, particularly in the liver and abdomen. The researchers concluded the improved fat breakdown and lipid burning effects of Raspberry Ketone prevented weight gain and fat accumulation in the body.(1)

In other laboratory testing researchers have discovered that Raspberry Ketone increases levels of adiponectin in the body. This is the protein that helps regulate fat metabolism. The higher the level of adiponectin in your body, the more fat you'll burn. (2)

But there are even more benefits to increased adiponectin levels. According to weight loss expert Dr. Mark Hyman, adiponectin improves insulin sensitivity, providing another major boost to weight loss.(3)

While whole fruit raspberries contain fat-burning ketones, you would have to eat a whopping 90+ pounds per day to achieve noticeable weight loss benefits. That's why a concentrated extract like Raspberry Ketone250 from Maximize is the most effective way to take advantage of the stellar fat-burning properties of the whole fruit ketone.

To make Raspberry Ketone250 an even more effective weight loss supplement, Maximize has added 200 mg of green tea extract to every dose. Green tea catechins have been proven in numerous research studies to increase calorie burning, inhibit glucose storage in fat cells, and help dissolve stored fat. There isn't a faster, more effective way to achieve your desired weight loss than the one-two punch of Raspberry Ketone250 with green tea extract.

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