Gugu, 30 Tablets

1-EZ Diet

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1-EZ Diet Gugu contains the active ingredient Gugulipid®, a standardized extract prepared from the gum resin of an Indian medicinal tree known as Guggul (Commiphora mukul). Gugulipid® has been revered by traditional Ayurvedic healers in India for centuries for its effectiveness in treating arthritis, obesity, high cholesterol, and arteriosclerosis (fatty plaque formation of the arteries). Gugulipid® is well documented for its anti-inflammatory action, and is widely recommended by conventional Indian physicians for numerous age-related disorders.

As a natural aid for weight loss, Gugulipid® has demonstrated exceptional multi-action abilities. It not only encourages levels of cholesterol and fat to drop, but promotes weight loss by stimulating the thyroid gland. People who use Gugulipid® often experience a pleasant warming effect - confirmation of its thyroid stimulating abilities. When the thyroid is stimulated, it produces more thyroid hormones which in turn increase metabolism and burn fat.

1-EZ Diet Gugu is an intelligent choice for men and women over 30 who are vulnerable to obesity and heart disease caused by a long-standing poor quality diet and age-related cholesterol build up. Women over 30, in particular, may be susceptible to a decrease in thyroid activity, making weight loss more challenging each year.

A surprising bonus is that Gugulipid® may help to improve acne in young adults and improve skin tone and wrinkles in aging skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory action, it has been successfully used in the treatment of severe acne. As a result, it was discovered quite by accident, that Gugulipid® appeared to diminish wrinkles in adults with acne.

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